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What We Do

Flip Side Records is an online retailer of recorded music in all formats. We currently offer thousands of items on several public websites. 


33 1/3 rpm 12" LP records

33 1/3 rpm 10" records

45 rpm 7" records

78 rpm records

compact discs


reel to reel tapes

cassette tapes

8-Track tapes

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Our current listings are spread out among three websites. The biggest share by far is on Next up is Last up is eBay, which sees only intermittent action from us these days.

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this is a great marketplace for old vinyl. We're thrilled by the great response we've had since joining. Our Discogs listings and sales are growing by leaps & bounds! 

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Hundreds of cd's, dvd's, books, and the occasional odd item! Just click on 'Product' to see our lisings.

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Please note: our activity on eBay has gotten more occasional of late. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

We work hard to earn your trust and positive feedback. Looking at our reviews, and the numbers-we must be doing all right!


Our Story

We are Flip Side Records! We are pleased to present to you extensive listings of hard to find items (in all formats) at reasonable prices! We too are record collectors and music fans. We've spent many years dealing with new and used music of all kinds. We come by our expertise by a lengthy process. We started out dealing records on the street. We've searched high and low for yard sales, junk shops and flea markets. We've worked in a number of used record stores. We topped that off by working as buyer and manager in several new music stores. 

In May 1996, we opened our store in Brookline, Massachusetts. The reaction from collectors, dealers and the general public has been overwhelmingly favorable since then. In January, 2006, Flip Side Records relocated to the warmer climes of Northern Virginia in the Washington, DC area. Flip Side continues as an online record store with the same goals of high quality and service. Since 2006 we have sold many thousands of LP's, CD's, 45's, 78's, reel to reel tapes, and even cassettes and 8-tracks! If anything, the pace of sales has been increasing in recent years.

We appreciate your interest, your business and your comments. We're always adding new items, so please visit us again soon!

We Strive For The Best Possible Sound

We work hard cleaning the LP's we sell on our top of the line VPI record cleaning machine! LP's are typically double-cleaned at a minimum. We play test the vinyl, and if there are noisy pasages, we work on them with further cleanings until we get the cleanest playback possible. We know that sound quality and reduced surface noise is as important to you as it is to us.

Our Credo

It is our continuing intention to offer high-quality items in all styles of music spanning the history of recorded music. We hold ourselves to high standards of grading, merchandise quality, and responsibility to our customers. 


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